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OT: Rosemary Sutcliff freebie

Via the Bujold list; all I know is what's here:

Lady in Waiting by Rosemary Sutcliff

Handsome and gifted, Walter Raleigh was a star even in a court of brilliant
men ruled by one of the greatest monarchs of all time, Elizabeth I.

Raleigh held position and power, and was loved by the Queen, but his dream
was to conquer new lands for Elizabeth, to find El Dorado.

Bess Throckmorton was one of the Queen's Maids of Honour.

Shy and retiring, her dream was to capture the heart of the proud and
restless Raleigh, in whose life it seemed she would always come second.

But when Elizabeth dies and James I comes to power, Raleigh's fortunes take
a dramatic turn...

Once a beloved courtier, he becomes a disgraced prisoner.

Rosemary Sutcliff CBE (14 December 1920 - 23 July 1992) was a British
novelist best known for children's books, especially historical fiction and
retellings of myths and legends. For her contribution as a children's writer
Sutcliff was a runner-up for the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1974.
Although she was primarily a children's author, some of her novels were
specifically written for adults. Her other adult works include `The Rider of


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My project to re-read the Liaden Universe continues forward. I have finished the advanced planning, and set a start date: Thursday, July 18.

Here is an announcement post, with a list of what stories are included in Phase 1 of the re-read, and pointers to where you can find them if you want to read along.

Anyone interested in joining in will be welcome.
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I thought this was something that might interest the people here:

I have decided that I am going to re-read all the novels and stories set in the Liaden Universe, in internal chronological order, and blog my progress. Phase 1 is everything-up-to-Balance of Trade, with the plan of having it finished in November just as the sequel comes out.

Before that, however, comes Phase 0, which is coming up with a practicable definition of "chronological order" for a milieu where stories can overlap as much as four deep.

I have achieved a draft reading order that feels, to me, like a good balance between chronological order and not-being-yanked-out-of-one-storyline-because-another-happens-to-be-occurring-simultaneously.

If you'd be interested in joining in or following along for some or all of the re-read, now would be a good time to check out the draft and see how you feel about it.
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Coming soon! (or later?)

Coming soon!

From http://rolanni.livejournal.com/813130.html and I quote:

First, we have the Publishing Schedule, which, to the best of my current understanding, looks like this:

January 15. . . . . ."Eleutherios" published to the Baen website
February 5. . . . . .Necessity's Child hardcover (and audio?)
July 2. . . . . . . . . . Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 1
August 6. . . . . . . Dragonwriter (essays honoring Anne McCaffrey & Pern)
August 27. . . . . .Dragon Ship mass market

Then, we have the Delivery Schedule, to wit:

February 14. . . . . .Carousel Sun
August 15 . . . . . . .Carousel Seas

Which means Carousels up to a year later -- late 2013 or early 2014ish?

And Trade Secrets is somewhere in the wash.
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Keeping Track (upcoming and recent)

Just because I keep having to hunt this down...

Intelligent Design -- Baen Web Site Free Short Story, now available at http://www.webscription.net/p-1387-free-short-stories-2011.aspx

Kin Ties -- on Splinter Universe http://splinteruniverse.com/

Guaranteed Delivery -- coming soon to Splinter Universe http://splinteruniverse.com/
The Space at Tinsori Light -- Splinter Universe (mid October?) ADDED

Yule Chapbook -- coming about Yule, 2011/2012? edited

Dragon Ship -- sequel to Ghost Ship -- due to Baen about 9/2011
George -- the mysterious! -- due to Baen about 2/2012
Trade Secret -- sequel to Balance of Trade -- due to Baen about 8/2012

I think that's most of the ones that come up now and then. If you spot other hints of forthcoming wonders or marvels, please feel free to post them!

[Edited for accuracy, removing one chapbook but adding a short story!]
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Who's up for dinner & conversation after Sharon & Steve sign at Uncle Hugo's on the 27th? Do we want to go out to dinner someplace and then retire to my house for more conversation and dessert? Should I make chocolate fondue?
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It's a Poll

I need to take a poll (prompted by my dh). So I am going to ask, here and on facebook (where you can find me at Elektra Hammond), 3 questions.
1. Do you have a To Be Read pile?
2. If you do, approximately how many books does it contain? Be as specific as you like.
3. Do you work in a field related to writing/publishing?
If there is enough interest, I will publish a summary of the results.
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